Domestic Distribution Operations

JT SHIPPING GROUP, with contracted supplier of transport and delivery services in the country provides infrastructure in all modes of transport according to customer requirements.

Partial Distribution

JT SHIPPING GROUP, with its modern information systems and experienced personnel delivers products (either palletised or packed) to market chains, shopping halls, dealers or distributors throughout the country, at the right time. By means of partial distribution departure frequency, it proposes instant solutions for variable customer requirements.

Complete Distribution

JT SHIPPING GROUP creates the most affordable and economic solutions for the demands of manufacturer, importer, national and local chains towards complete distribution needs with its expert personnel and information technologies support. JT SHIPPING GROUP serves each point in Turkey with the same quality using truck, pick-up and panel van type vehicles.

Inter-City Private Distribution

JT SHIPPING GROUP, who generates particular solutions for customer requirements, performs scheduled route-based distributions (inner-city or inter-city), with vehicle and personnel structure specially dedicated for the customer 24/7.