Warehouse Management

JT SHIPPING GROUP, the store & warehouse operations using the SELECT WMS storage operating system, variable speed flexibility to respond to customer expectations , providing continuous development of skills and facilities to produce solutions . In addition, the SELECT WMS has the ability to establish communication with the different client software interface and flexibility. Thanks to BT integration and customer MIRA staff can see the same information on the internet. In this way customers can be continuously controlled by MIRA and leaving no room for error with this condition.

Technical specifications

  • was found in 2013
  • 5000 m2 warehouse and 2500 m2 free storehouse in total 7500m2 facility
  • 4 forklifts, 2 fork-lift trucks and 1 cleaning vehicle on the machine park
  • Shelf space for 3500 tracks
  • Fire Extinguishing System
  • 30 employees
  • Suitable camera and infrustructure systems for customs standards

Value Added Warehouse Services

  • Quality control
  • Order preparation services (palet/package/product)
  • Boxing, merging, fragmentation, assorting, repackaging
  • Labelling
  • Label printing
  • User’s manuel system
  • Security tape
  • Preparing Promotion Package
  • Adding a warranty